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Canada’s Self Inflicted Injury

To those Americans who are victims of a morally moribund Media and Soros funded propaganda, the US Presidential election has been traumatic or profitable depending on motivation… but the Inauguration of Donald Trump went on in spite of some street … Continue reading

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It Is Enough To Make You Sick

It is enough to make you sick “Unnecessary noise, then, is the most cruel absence of care which can be inflicted either on sick or well.” Excerpted from “Chapter IV Noise” of Florence Nightingale’s famous 1898 work: “Notes on Nursing … Continue reading

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WHILE THE BAND PLAYS ON… A cold sun shines on the parade. Lots of people have yet to grasp the difference between climate and weather, but oddly there seem to be many who can’t even tell the difference between truth … Continue reading

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Quacks & Charlattans

There is an interesting article in the National Post today, which nicely summed up and exposed what happens when ideology, fraud and greed poses as science. The difference between this case and Climate Science, the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming … Continue reading

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