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We, stalwart few, went; we saw the typical Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) bamboozlers poster board circuit; we anti-delphied this particularly odious form of “public consultation” with practiced ease.    As was the case at the LTEP 2013 they merely feign listening, but … Continue reading

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Powerful Arguments Two recent articles highlight the fact that if you want to depopulate rural areas, de-industrialize urban ones and generally crash the economy per UN Agenda 21 also known by the risible misnomer “Sustainable Development“… you have a proven … Continue reading

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Today it is written in the book of fate…

The entire country of Canada emits less CO2 than global air travel, which emits 2% of global CO2 emissions. Ontario’s carbon dioxide emissions are so small that they don’t exceed the range of error in the IPCC’s projections. They amount … Continue reading

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Free Wind – Smoke, Mirrors and a Flawed Economic Assessment

“Just because the authors say they use “rigorous methodologies widely accepted and recommended by the economic literature” does not make it so.” Dr. Ross McKitrick Lake Superior Action Research Conservation was recently made aware of a report prepared for The … Continue reading

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