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Powerful Arguments Two recent articles highlight the fact that if you want to depopulate rural areas, de-industrialize urban ones and generally crash the economy per UN Agenda 21 also known by the risible misnomer “Sustainable Development“… you have a proven … Continue reading

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Green washing and other forms of psychological abuse…

Green washing and other forms of psychological abuse… We tweeted about the ogre Suzuki in an Ontario Government Climate Change/CAGW ad when it was first released and now there is another one… parents and educators take note, protect developing minds. … Continue reading

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Today it is written in the book of fate…

The entire country of Canada emits less CO2 than global air travel, which emits 2% of global CO2 emissions. Ontario’s carbon dioxide emissions are so small that they don’t exceed the range of error in the IPCC’s projections. They amount … Continue reading

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The Government we deserve

It is often said that a people get the Government they deserve – especially when they don’t vote. This, it seems, is the case in Ontario. The minority of Ontario voters who bothered to vote a few years ago, voted … Continue reading

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His dog ate my Province

Kelly McParland wrote an excellent article in today’s National Post titled Dalton McGuinty blames the dog for eating his province (http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2012/02/28/dalton-mcguinty-blames-the-dog-for-eating-his-province/) wherein he comments on McGuinty’s dismal management of the Province since his election in 2003. “In that time the provincial … Continue reading

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