Hey Olivia, our Granny trumps yours!

Kathleen Wynne repeatedly uses her granddaughter for effect in political speeches, for example:

She said her granddaughter’s generation would forgive today’s politicians for getting some things wrong, but would never forgive failure to act on climate change. (from cbc)

While Kathleen Wynne uses her granddaughter to make political points, the irrepressible Melodie fights for all children in Wynne-blighted rural Ontario.

Here is her inspiring account of her latest stand on their behalf:

We just got home from AMO (Association of Municipalities Ontario).

WYNNE - SUCKING ONTARIO DRY.  (Melodie Burkett at Hydro One Enough is Enough protest earlier this year)

WYNNE – SUCKING ONTARIO DRY. (Melodie Burkett at Hydro One Enough is Enough protest earlier this year)

I am so relieved my flag and message was received with such enthusiasm.
Throngs of public officials had to walk by me all throughout the day.  Two policemen told me in, no uncertain terms,  that the huge concrete gathering place outside the Niagara Convention Centre were on private property.( The centre is owned by Scotia Bank!)  ( I found out later that the building was sold for $1 tothe city! )

They said I had to go to the adjacent park with my sign!   I defied them and stood on the city sidewalk at a lamppost at this big intersection whereby every one rushing to the centre had to stand and wait for the light to change and read my sign.  I think because I was alone it made my statement more intriguing.

At first I would say that 9 out of 10 people gave me the thumbs up and called out, “I agree with you!” or or ” Nice sign!”

Then I must have run in to a bubble of Liberals who walked by with tight lips and disgusted looks.   One man shouted at me that it was a disgrace that I had  our provincial flag upside down!  I replied that it is a disgrace that the Liberals turned our province upside down with debt and the Green Energy Dictatorship that has destroyed lives in Rural Ontario!

However, The 1st day I stood there for about 4 hours, as they arrived and as they left.  The second day I stood there for 6 hours.   It was amazing! Folks flocked to me to ask if they could take a picture! Then they asked if they could take a picture with me!   One man said that the picture was all over facebook and went viral!  He said he was proud of my stamina and courage.

Now as long as I rolled up my flag , I was allowed to join M… for a coffee inside the Centre but  just in the lobby.

I was so looking forward to watching Kathleen Wynne arrive to speak and hoped she drove by me at the light…., perhaps she did.
Somehow, it was obvious that all was quiet in the lobby and all of the hundreds of people had disappeared inside the huge meeting room for her speech.

Oh well, I thought I might as well go for a coffee and rest my swollen feet. The humidity was horrific!

All of a sudden , two nicely dressed people, a young woman and a young man headed straight for my table!  They sat down and introduced themselves as working for the Premiers office. The girl gave me her card.

Office of the Premier
Ashey Michnowski
Special Assistant Premier’s Tour
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, ON M7A1A1
647-530-6536 cell
416-325-6749 fax

The young man did not offer me his card.  When I asked him how much he was paid for this job he curled his lip and told me it was none of my business!  Oh well FOI on that one I guess.

The girl said that she understood that I wanted to speak with the Premier but unfortunately the Premier was very busy and would not have time to speak with me.

Excuse me! I said, I have not requested any time with the Premier!  We have absolutely nothing to talk about and nothing in common!   You see I am a successful business woman who makes a profit and have zero debt, she on the other hand is a lousy business woman and owes 300 billion dollars, she has to sell a public asset, Ontario Hydro, to be able to afford the infrastructure that her party promised to build 13 years ago but squandered the money on scandals like E Health and the Gas Plant cancellation to name a few!

I went on to ask them if they knew how much every man women and child owed in Ontario to pay the interest accumulating deficit? They did not know so I told them about $30 THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Then I told them that I came there to encourage our municipal leaders to stand up and express their outrage at this government.

As these young aids tried to get away from me I played my Granny Card and made them listen to all the things wrong with industrial wind turbines and solar plants plaguing rural Ontario while young folks like them have been hoodwinked by the nefarious wind industry and also Al Gore for that matter!

I actually talked non stop for about 1/2 an hour while holding her arm every time she tried to get up to leave..  I think they wish they never met me.

I did manage to send a message to Kathleen Wynne.  I asked that they tell her that very slippery times are coming for her and that many of her Liberal officials had held their thumb up on their way by me and said ”  I am not supposed to say this but your sign is right on! ”   Tell her that I think that some of her minions will be crossing the floor in the months ahead.   Selling off Hydro One was political suicide.

OH, btw, at a meet and greet later, Patrick Brown and Tim Hudak( Yes Tim Hudak was there to help build the troops! )  made a point to thank me for being there with such a strong statement.  Something only an older gimped up lady like me could get away with!



About lsarc

LSarc is grassroots protection of Lake Superior through citizen science and volunteerism.  If you are interested in preserving intact ecosystems and restoring biological integrity of the Lake Superior watershed using the scientific method to test hypotheses and research, then you are LSarc LSarc is proud to be a member of the John Muir Trust and the 60th member organization of Wind Concerns Ontario
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5 Responses to Hey Olivia, our Granny trumps yours!

  1. Segue C says:

    Melodie you are wonderful to have persevered with your plan even under the duress of all that Globull Warming! Thank you for being like the proverbial pebble in the shoe of the tyrant making the crushing of rural Ontario underfoot as excruciating as possible…

    Thank you also for being true to our shared principle of taking every opportunity to educate. Your quick wit and snappy repartee help make people take heart and humour from your experience. May they follow your model and do their part to counter the toxic wind spinners.

    • mcguintylies says:

      Hi Everyone,
      Thanks for your kind words! I have a brainstorm. Listen up.

      What if everywhere Premier Wynne goes she was met my my double? If each group in Ontario made a flag like mine and took turns with it so that everywhere Wyne visited on her campaign trail she says, ” Holy poop!, There is that pain in the ass Granny again! ”
      You can put any message you can think of on the flag. I just bought 2 tubes of white acrylic paint at Stayner Stedmans. The flag will be delivered from Flags unlimited. I used an old broom handle and cut it in half so I had two handles to screw the flag on to. It rolls up and fits in a suit case. ( Let it dry really well or it smudges! I had to use a Q tip to take off my smudges on the way to Enough is Enough at Queen’s Park! ”

      Hang tough every one and remember: Get mad, stay mad and change history.

      Melodie Burkett

      • lsarc says:

        Excellent idea! Why confine it to Wynne, there are lots of other politicians afoot, shouldn’t all of them see the Ontario distress flag?

  2. mcguintylies says:


    Let er rip! Full speed ahead! They drew first blood so it our turn. How about …

    ” My grandaughter can’t inherit our farm! ”

    Or. ” My grandaughter cries all night! “

  3. Segue C says:

    Can Olivia spell “inter-generational theft”?
    Wynne steals money from babies.
    You think we can get a bulk rate on flags?

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