When Enough is not Enough

When Enough is not Enough

To Wind Warriors who have been fighting Ontario’s insane energy policy for years – some even prior to the “Green” Energy Act – it has been gratifying to see the #enoughisenough reaction to Hydro One bills.  Of course we are not pleased that people are suffering the dire consequences of which we warned, but this growing grassroots movement is rolling with some excellent organizers steering and is determined to fight on.

Through social networking they reached thousands with an impressive petition effort, their broad outreach has netted allies from diverse groups; strong logistical skills pulled off a strategic build-up and well-coordinated troop movements.  Though not as large as hoped for the turnout for the protest at Queen’s Park was respectable.

The Palace Guard turned out in a cordon to block the main entrance behind the speakers podium but had nothing better to do than prevent organizers from planting lawn signs in the grass or taping them to lamp standards.  

Such a lot of officiousness for a nice bunch of well-behaved people whose respect for others created a very positive dynamic!  At previous peaceful rallies the MC Ron Barr has offered the mic and encouraged the protestors to share their stories or comments.  They have mostly done so in an unassuming manner which should resonate with those who claim to work for the public good, but typically the fly-over politicians have departed by that stage of events.

The NDP still clings to the party platform in utter disrespect of experts, including now two Auditors General, who can’t find net economic good to come from the GEA. They would have you believe that proper siting and public ownership would somehow make the green pigs fly.  

Wind Warriors know Peter Tabuns well from his stalwart support of the McGuinty Liberals and hard line against “NIMBYS” even in NDP ridings where some still remember the NDP’s own Peter Kormos speaking bluntly about the GEA “boondoggle”. 

Apart from blaming Mike Harris for attempting the privatization of Ontario Hydro, the NDP did not have much to offer, especially not sharing the PC objections to unsustainable subsidies for “green” energy.

The fact that fixed costs of generation will have to be paid regardless of how much less energy is used has still not penetrated.  The “robbing-Peter-to-pay-Paul” sign marching in the crowd indicated however that the ratepayers understand they will be forced to pay more and more for less and less as surplus unreliables continue, insanely, to be added to the grid.

The PC party did not vote for the anti-democratic GEA from the outset, though some originally bought the green-marketing.  During the recent leadership campaign Christine Elliot confessed to having friends who invested in the scam and reported that they had “fairy dust blown in their eyes”…in rural areas we call that stuff bull sh!t.

Few PCs have not heard the message delivered by the rural electorate. The economic suicide of the “green” ideology and UN “sustainability” agenda is in more advanced in Europe but already being rapidly duplicated here, so the PC speakers were on solid ground when they focused on electricity costs driven by “green” energy’s parasitism of our grid.

Speakers for the PCs included John Yakabuski, Toby Barrett, Randy Hillier, Steve Clark, Jack Maclaren, Lisa Thompson and Vic Fideli. Vic Fideli, who has challenged the Lib/NDP scheme both as Energy and Finance critic, recently spoke at length in his own riding, now under attack by wind developers.  His town hall lecture, based almost exclusively on Ontario Auditor General and Ontario Society of Professional Engineers reports, is an excellent primer on Ontario’s deliberate descent into electricity poverty.

The untested leadership of Patrick Brown failed to be tried and proven at this event. His absence was a big disappointment to all who were eager to hear his views on this crucial economic, environmental, and social crisis of our time.  Will he dig out the root of green parasitism or merely part the branches?  That remains to be seen.

Enough is never enough to greedy tyrants, but the EIE alliance has demonstrated a steep learning curve and a determination to fight on.  Their ability to benefit from the experience of others and hit the ground running in the cause of cheap and abundant electricity will be instrumental in salvaging the remnants of Ontario’s prosperity and freedoms.

Here is a brief video montage of the EIE protest:

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IMG 3839 IMG 3885

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