Labour (of love) Day Protest

Fighting the wind on a Port Elgin beach was more a manifestation of the love we share for our communities and our land than it was a desire to be the biggest meanest crowd on a beach ever. Organizers dealt with crashing surf, strong winds and misty rain but the enthusiastic milling crowd eventually coalesced into a mosaic, built of colourful signs and bodies from across the province, to spell out a call for help to protect all we cherish.

The atmosphere of mutual aid was as invigorating as the weather and groups lingered in local eateries long after to continue information sharing and planning sessions for ongoing campaigns as well as future events.

Pictures of the Labour (of love) Day Protest


About lsarc

LSarc is grassroots protection of Lake Superior through citizen science and volunteerism.  If you are interested in preserving intact ecosystems and restoring biological integrity of the Lake Superior watershed using the scientific method to test hypotheses and research, then you are LSarc LSarc is proud to be a member of the John Muir Trust and the 60th member organization of Wind Concerns Ontario
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