Respect is a two-way street

Recently one of our members tried posting a comment/reply to a story called Wind Wars: How we can live with turbines without wrecking the wilderness by Anne Bell in Ontario Nature Magazine.

Ontario Nature’s moderator took exception to the following and refused to post the comment because they didn’t find it respectful:

“The sacrifice of Science to an Ideology has shifted the arena of debate into the realm of beliefs so it is very true that, “unless we’re willing to examine the facts from different angles” ON will persist in supporting the rape of our unspoiled wilderness and wetlands in Northern Ontario, the torture of people in their homes in Southern Ontario, and the merciless colonization and corruption of traditional First Nations’ culture.”

After email discussions with ON Nature Magazine, it was agreed that they would post the comment if it was revised and the offending sentence removed.

This was done and the comment re-submitted. However ON Nature Magazine appears to still be blocking it.

We feel that the issues discussed in this comment can’t be repeated enough, so here is the revised comment. Respectful is a two-way street.

“Ms Bell’s statement that,

“Our organization strongly supports the production of energy from clean, renewable sources such as wind. But the location of wind turbines is a key concern for us.”

is not even “seemingly” reasonable unless it is based on actual scientific proof of the validity of claims made for the allegedly clean energy. At present Ontario Nature (ON) is in the undignified position of “third party intervenor” for greed energy.

Your allies prioritize this way…

”Developers should site wind facilities in areas where there is strong community acceptance. Areas home to cottages and hobby farms should be avoided, as these part-time residents usually have the means to fund challenges, and in fragile political times – or even in the best of times no politician wants to support a controversial project”

Your opposition, like Physicist John Droz, have pointed out there is NO scientific validity in the claims made for unreliable, non-dispatchable renewables such as wind and solar. So the reasonable course of action is to halt the scam and remedy the shameful lack of proper due diligence the Auditor General revealed in his 2011 Report.

Green illusions are dispelled by scientific scrutiny, all that is required is an unfiltered assessment of fact to see that supposed “alternative” energy is merely an expensive and destructive adjunct. In his book “Green Illusions” Ozzie Zehner, reveals that green IS the old black and in his Authors@GOOGLE lecture exposes solar as yesterday’s cute accessory mutt.

Zehner attended Kettering University (BS -Engineering) and The University of Amsterdam (MS/Drs – Science and Technology Studies). His research was awarded, with honours, at both institutions. Despite his obvious predilection for the mythical creatures of environmentalism the author was true to Science.

The sacrifice of Science to an Ideology has shifted the arena of debate into the realm of beliefs so it is very true that, as Ms Bell states, “…Unless we’re willing to examine the facts from different angles” ON will persist in supporting a policy which permits the industrialization of our unspoiled wilderness and wetlands in Northern Ontario, the marginalization of people abandoning or suffering in their homes in Southern Ontario and colonization and corruption of traditional First Nations’ culture.

In Oshweken, Haldimand County, where the 6 Nations’ elected chief and council eventually took the financial lure of wind and solar mega-projects, dissenting voices such as those of the women of the Council Fires of the Grand River Territory, title holders and the traditional Council of the Long House went unheeded as the Greed Energy scheme carried on eroding traditional Democracy.

Traditionalist Mohawks, with their appeal of Renewable Energy Approvals, have watched the Environmental Review Tribunal assume the role of the colonizing oppressors. Impossible standards of proof, derogatory epithets such as “so-called witnesses” and improvisational rulings mock any human Justice.

On Manitoulin Island, the M’Chigeeng First Nation bought into the “green” scheme, dismissing all concerns by traditionalists. Wikwemikong Elders with their Youth Group went door-to-door to circulate information and petitions regarding unwanted wind developments on the Great Spirit Island. Their Chief and Council were told they had not done their homework and had not properly consulted with band membership. Eventually Wikwemekong regained its traditional Democracy. It remains to be seen if the Provincial government will be respectful or repressive.

Similarly Batchawana and Michipicoten First Nations are now involved in an internecine contest for a Pandora’s Box wrapped in green.

That ON policy entertains the comparison of a non-dispatchable intermittent generator with those which can stand alone, or the idea that two wrongs make a right and transmission lines dedicated to renewables are not as deadly to wildlife as those serving conventional power, or that lack of evidence is proof of anything, defies logic and therefore Science.

‘Science’ by consensus is politics. ‘Science’ by belief is religion – Dr. Gordon Fulks

Before it is too late to prevent the industrialization of the minimally impacted Lake Superior watershed and lakebed to accommodate some of the

“935 MW of larger wind facilities that are scheduled to come online between this year and 2014 [which] are not included in the OPA’s summary of FIT 1.0 contracts under development”

it is devoutly to be wished that the common ground of solid Science be found.”

About lsarc

LSarc is grassroots protection of Lake Superior through citizen science and volunteerism.  If you are interested in preserving intact ecosystems and restoring biological integrity of the Lake Superior watershed using the scientific method to test hypotheses and research, then you are LSarc LSarc is proud to be a member of the John Muir Trust and the 60th member organization of Wind Concerns Ontario
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