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The Ontarian, the University of Guelph student publication, ran an opinion piece called Give Wind A Chance which we felt was poorly researched and straight out of the CanWEA propaganda leaflets. In contrast to ON Nature, the Ontarian not only listened to our comments, but asked if one of our members would like to submit an article presenting the other side of the story.

We would like to congratulate the Ontarian on their journalistic ethics and openness to debate, if only the main stream media were thus.

Herewith the article:

Ask Why

by Catherine Bayne on October 25, 2012

No doubt it is still true “there’s a sucker born every minute”, because in the innocence of youth we tend to be too trusting and generally benefit from the protection of our parents who draw from sometimes bitter experience. Our education often includes learning phrases like “caveat emptor” because our institutions are supposed to prepare us for the circus of life, which unfortunately includes encounters with unscrupulous promoters.

The healthy skepticism of the youthful “Why?” and codified adult systems such as The Scientific Method and The Engineering Design Process, share a common step early on; research is essential, as all important questions deserve honest multi-source investigation. When this is absent bad things happen.

The Auditor General for Ontario revealed in his 2011 Report on Renewable Energy the astonishing fact that none of the three agencies which are responsible for providing us with affordable and reliable electricity had done a proper cost/benefit analysis. The report states that no independent, objective, expert investigation had been done to examine the potential effects of renewable-energy policies on prices, job creation, and greenhouse gas emissions. The government cheated on research for the Green Energy Act.

Recently the CBC, which has a mandate “to provide information to Canadians” aired a radio show on Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) which did not reveal the fact that a similar transgression has occurred in Europe where the Aarhus Convention is responsible for seeing that citizens have access to information, decision-making, and justice regarding environmental issues. The Aarhus Compliance Committee recently ruled that the EU is NOT in compliance with its implementation of their renewable energy scheme either.

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LSarc is grassroots protection of Lake Superior through citizen science and volunteerism.  If you are interested in preserving intact ecosystems and restoring biological integrity of the Lake Superior watershed using the scientific method to test hypotheses and research, then you are LSarc LSarc is proud to be a member of the John Muir Trust and the 60th member organization of Wind Concerns Ontario
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