The Final Straw

The Final Straw

Sprott Public Con at Awares 2012 09 25 is pleased to report a good turnout for the final Goulais Project public con held September 25, 2012 in Goulais and Awares and would like to thank those who attended to voice their opposition to the unwarranted destruction of our social, environmental and economic resources.  Special thanks to those who helped out with distributing information and answering questions.

How can it be said that there has been “consultation” when the information is not complete, accurate, nor transparent?  The developer still has not revealed which make and nameplate capacity of Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) will be used, an important factor influencing sound pollution.  Various makes of IWT have significantly different acoustic signatures, a factor which greatly influences the noise emissions to which a home-owner will be subjected. Unfortunately while the developer provided very scientific-looking noise studies, complete with noise propagation maps, they are based on ISO computer models and MOE Guidelines which have been shown to be woefully inadequate at predicting actual noise levels at nearby ‘receptors’ aka homes.

The term “noise receptor” is used by the wind industry in siting Industrial Wind Turbines relative to human habitation, but at this late date we are still not permitted to know the MW size; in effect people are being forced to trust a wind developer who, using out dated and cherry-picked science, continues to deny there are even potential adverse health effects and a government with computer-modelled safety setbacks which by their own staff recommendations and actual experience will cause adverse effects in a non-trivial number of citizens:

It appears compliance with the minimum setbacks and the noise study approach currently being used to approve the siting of WTGs will result or likely result in adverse effects contrary to subsection 14(1) of the EPA.

Doug Mosley, a noise receptor who has done considerable research for himself, is not impressed by the developer’s quoting of CANwea as an authority on anything but lobbying.   He is well aware that the developer is presenting a salespitch and attended with a high level of skepticism.  The unadorned truth is very different and depressingly destructive.

Those of us who see the way Prince Windfarm blights the landscape for 40 km, the way it has eroded the wilderness allure of Superior’s shores both day and night, and the impossible-to-ignore aesthetic offence of the tangled blades which vandalize the skies, are not going to fall for the obscuring artifice of photomontages. 

Neither are we going to buy the story that IWT don’t have a negative effect on property values when so many of us would not buy our own property adorned with IWT…  The property value issue is another instance where we can see the deliberate misinformation applied in the approvals process. The Hoen Report is an example of  “purpose done” research from the wind industry, of which Michael S. McCann, CRA, McCann Appraisal, LLC (Chicago, Illinois, USA) and a peer reviewer of the Hoen//Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report said:

“Moreover, not being a licensed appraiser, Mr. Hoen was not bound by any enforceable code of ethics or standards of practice.  Although his report “looked” (to the untrained eye) to be compelling, in fact it failed to follow the property appraisal industry’s “best practices” standards.  Al Wilson, an appraiser eminently qualified in both Regression Analysis for mass appraisal and in assessing the impact on value from contamination, points out that Hoen’s Regression model fails to conform to any of the accepted and tested (verified) Regression models used by assessor’s for valuing properties for either ad valorem assessment or “mass appraisal” projects. It was idiosyncratic—custom made—for this project.  Leading Wilson to conclude that the LBNL report is unreliable for any public policy purposes”

The sub text here is that of an abuse of our environmental rights, The Environmental Bill of Rights is supposed to give every citizen of Ontario the right to participate in environmental decision-making; its goals being to protect, conserve and restore the integrity of the environment, to provide for the sustainability of the environment, and to protect the right to a healthful environment but how are we to rely on our environmental watchdogs, when they are toothless and rabid for renewables?

While this process has been more about insulting our intelligence than consulting per our human rights the one last straw we have to cling to is the upcoming Environmental Bill of Rights posting for the Goulais Project.  Watch for it on the EBR Registry (just type in Sprott or Goulais in the search box) or ask to give you a heads up.


About lsarc

LSarc is grassroots protection of Lake Superior through citizen science and volunteerism.  If you are interested in preserving intact ecosystems and restoring biological integrity of the Lake Superior watershed using the scientific method to test hypotheses and research, then you are LSarc LSarc is proud to be a member of the John Muir Trust and the 60th member organization of Wind Concerns Ontario
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2 Responses to The Final Straw

  1. Every “Scam” starts with a good “con story”. In the case of Industrial Wind Scams the “con” started about 5 years+ ago and was begun by ENRON who sold their wind business to G.E., because it was just too good of a “money maker” to let it go. Of course the ENRON crooks all got time ion the big house but one small area of their “ponzi scheme” lives on………Industrial Wind Turbines!
    The sad fact is that these developers are still using the old “original con story” to sell their scam but Ontario Citizens along with citizens world-wide have studied the “hell” out of this con and have revealed it for what it is. An out and out LIE that for some reason political and lobby groups can’t get ahead of any more.
    That’s why people are so outraged when they are presented with this crap in the so-called “public presentations”. They KNOW THE TRUTH.
    Clean, Green, Wind Generated Energy is a LIE!
    Keep up the good work LSARC……….your name has become synonymous with honour and courage!

  2. lsarc says:

    Thank you for the kind words thebiggreenlie, you are correct, the empirical data demonstrates how useless, ineffectual and expensive grid scale renewables are. The financial vested interests which sustain the scam are enormous and it will take a very courageous and determined new Government to end this scandalous transfer of money to corporations and root out the corruption, noble cause or literal, that has permeated various Ministries. As you say, people know crap when they hear it and are very aware of the lies from the people that enable this scam.

    The present Government’s mismanagement and wastefulness borders on the incredible, add up the money wasted on E-Health, Ornge, Gas Plants, Renewable Energy and other boondoggles and consider what good could have been done had it been spent on Health Care or Education, extending Provincial Parks, not to mention the damage to the environment and people’s health that would have been saved.

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