Beating a tied dog gets you what it gets you…

Beating a tied dog gets you what it gets you…

Even humans, whether constrained with ropes or unjust regulation, will eventually exhaust their instinctive flight or evasion tactics and behave like any other cornered prey.  It is usually just a matter of time and bad government before revolt is born.  

The clock has been ticking since the ERT decision stated:

“While the Appellants were not successful in their appeals, the Tribunal notes that their involvement and that of the Respondents, has served to advance the state of the debate about wind turbines and human health. This case has successfully shown that the debate should not be simplified to one about whether wind turbines can cause harm to humans. The evidence presented to the Tribunal demonstrates that they can, if facilities are placed too close to residents. The debate has now evolved to one of degree.” (p. 207)

Sleep deprivation, and occupational noise stress are such well known causes of adverse health effects that health and safety regulations are in place to protect people in most businesses and municipalities, yet when it comes to industrial wind turbine noise emissions the authorities start playing at semantics.  

Oddly the distinction between direct and indirect health effects suddenly matters when monstrously large industrial machines are installed in rural areas where night noise levels are often less than 25dB and IWT admittedly far exceed that with a particularly obnoxious pulsating tonal assault just when the ambient noise levels are typically lowest; unfortunately the highest wind production and therefore sound pressure and the lowest demand curve are both in the wee hours.

In the face of UK recognition of realty reality the collusion of our government and wind developers to deprive rural property-owners of the amenity value and often their sweat equity in their homes is enough of an economic affront to set off a few tightly wound individuals; the discrimination in that parsing of health effects, that deliberate word-play to imply there is no problem which is not a jealousy-wrought figment of the imagination, the taunting and dehumanizing label NIMBY; these are bruising blows to body and mind.

Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group which is comprised of elected officials and appointed citizens from the municipalities of Bruce, Dufferin, Grey, Huron & Perth Counties in their submission on the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study, raised the issue of the increase in public safety risk from Industrial wind turbine ice throw, fires and blade failures:

Each of these not uncommon occurrences has an impact on public safety and therefore an impact on community health.

We have seen the photos and videos of burning blades traveling downwind hundreds of metres from wind turbines. We are aware that the wind turbines have no fire extinguishing capability to put out blade fires, and nor have our fire departments. There have been blade failures at wind turbines in Ontario.

Signs are posted along highways warning people to stay away from wind turbines if icing conditions might occur in the wintertime and yet proposals call for turbines to be as close as 61 metres from roadways used by school buses. Even the maintenance procedures of the manufacturers require the maintenance staff to stay up to 400 metres away from an operating wind turbine that may have icing. This means that our children riding in school buses or neighbours in their own fields do not have adequate protection from known hazards, including ice throw.

Our children and neighbours are our community assets.

If you are shocked to think that the Government of Ontario has so debased rural communities that children are expendable, think how gob-smacked must be their families and how justifiably outraged.

Then along comes CanWEA

08/01/2012 : Wind energy industry calls for respectful dialogue after Ontario worker reportedly threatened with death.

Their choice of the word “reportedly” in lieu of the conventional “allegedly” is just more massaging of the message, but when the media-release goes on to demand not only respectful but also “fact-based dialogue” we are entitled to call them on their cruelty to animals.

About CanWEA: (In their own words)

“CanWEA is the voice of Canada’s wind energy industry, actively promoting the responsible and sustainable growth of wind energy on behalf of its more than 420 members. A national non-profit association, CanWEA serves as Canada’s leading source of credible information about wind energy and its social, economic and environmental benefits.”

From their mission statement:

“Established in 1984, CanWEA undertakes policy development and advocacy with different levels of government, implements a broad range of communications and outreach activities and provides educational and networking opportunities for all stakeholders.”

In reality, they are no better than purveyors of snake-oil who through lobbying of government and buying of media have set the stage for the undermining of Democracy, environmental protection and the health and welfare of that segment of society which has now been so effectively marginalized they are subject to inhumane treatment without censure.

In a fair debate we have won with FACTS which say the wind industry is an economic, environmental, and an especially dismal social failure.  It has taught us not just that individuals will sell their birthright but that they will spit on their neighbours and sell theirs too.

In the MORAL contest it might be best to suspend judgment bearing in mind the “ends justify the means” philosophy of the acolytes of green:


About lsarc

LSarc is grassroots protection of Lake Superior through citizen science and volunteerism.  If you are interested in preserving intact ecosystems and restoring biological integrity of the Lake Superior watershed using the scientific method to test hypotheses and research, then you are LSarc LSarc is proud to be a member of the John Muir Trust and the 60th member organization of Wind Concerns Ontario
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2 Responses to Beating a tied dog gets you what it gets you…

  1. Well written and timely…..I have also posted this……………….Time for Ontarians to take back THEIR Province!

    • lsarc says:

      Thank you, it is indeed high time Ontarians took back their Province. We need to support the PC candidates in the two ridings with by-elections in every way we can. Some may not necessarily agree with the PC’s entire platform, but they are the only ones with a chance to stop this madness. The NDP will only pile it higher and deeper given their current party policies with repsect to renewable energy.

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