McGuinty and Horwath Going For Broke

To make no decision is a de-facto decision in favour of the status quo. Hence we have Ontario continuing on the road to insolvency. It comes as no surprise to any but the ideologically blinkered or fiscally clueless, that the dire straits this Province is in are only going to get tighter.

The greed energy blight has helped reduce conventional jobs throughout Europe while tending to export wealth, driving the EU’s poor into energy poverty AND food scarcity, destroying rural citizen’s health, equity and security. The new “renewables” industry tries to downplay the easily foreseeable consequences of relying on the same heavily subsidized economic/energy policies here. Standard and Poor’s downgraded Ontario’s credit outlook at the end of April 2012, from stable to negative. The bond rating agency Moody’s, which put Ontario on notice last December, promptly downgraded the province to a negative credit rating when McGuinty and Horwath decided to go for broke with a budget which ignored all warnings, including the government’s own economist Don Drummond.

Hobbled by debt which will cost more and more to service, and a deficit which will be the altar on which everything but the sacred cow of renewables may be sacrificed, the Liberal-NDP alliance will lurch on denying the harsh economic realities to which they have condemned this Province. To quote energy consultant Tom Adams, “It won’t be until 2014 that the real consumer hit from the FIT programs will start to be felt by ratepayers.” and that was before McGuinty decided to “fix” another problem.

As the Auditor pointed out in his 2011 report on renewable energy:

“• no independent, objective, expert investigation had been done to examine the potential effects of renewable-energy policies on prices, job creation, and greenhouse gas emissions;”


“• no thorough and professional cost/benefit analysis had been conducted to identify potentially cleaner, more economically productive, and cost-effective alternatives to renewable energy, such as energy imports and increased conservation.”

As a result of this gross incompetence it came as a surprise to the Ontario government that manufacturing was fleeing the rising energy overheads here.

Now the fix is in.

Preferential rates to lure large companies are both an invitation to corruption and just passing the tab to the little guys who are largely unable to even maximize the off peak Time-Of-Use benefit.

Some would argue that this government is on the slippery slope to fascism as well. The Green Energy Act started the erosion of local Democracy by removing decision-making on renewable energy projects from the municipal level of government, then came the sequestering of changes to environmental legislation within a omnibus bill, budget Bill 55, to repeal dozens of Environmental protections and circumvent our human right to public comment via the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry. The minority government at least removed the offending amendments when even the environmentalist lobby groups for “green energy” objected, however the changes will again be proposed in the fall term.

Basic rights to a safe environment have been stripped from rural residents tortured in their homes by Industrial Wind Turbine noise and in some cases trapped there by equity loss. The Province has chosen to ignore the July 2011 ruling of its own Environmental Review Tribunal which found:

“While the Appellants were not successful in their appeals, the Tribunal notes that their involvement and that of the Respondents, has served to advance the state of the debate about wind turbines and human health. This case has successfully shown that the debate should not be simplified to one about whether wind turbines can cause harm to humans. The evidence presented to the Tribunal demonstrates that they can, if facilities are placed too close to residents. The debate has now evolved to one of degree.”(p. 207) (Emphasis added)

The Federal Government has now been moved to act, having failed to find consensus with the Provinces on safe setbacks from human habitation. Will the Province halt wind developments until the new Federal health study is completed, or will it continue on its path to moral bankruptcy as well?

Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker repeated his call for an immediate moratorium on new wind power development in Ontario after Health Canada announced it was conducting its own study on the potential health impacts of wind turbine noise.

Ontario PC Party energy critic Vic Fedeli also called for an immediate moratorium on further wind power development in Ontario.

“I’ve been to dozens of town halls across the province and have heard the painful stories of those who’ve reported these adverse health effects,” Fedeli said. “The fact the federal government feels this study is necessary is reason enough to put a halt to any more wind turbines being built in Ontario right now.”

During Ontario’s last legislative session, the Conservatives put forth a proposal calling for a moratorium on wind turbines, but it was rejected by the Liberal government and the NDP.

Here is Bill Walker’s Press Release:

2012 July 10  News Releases  Walker calls for Wind Moratorium

For Immediate Release
July 10, 2012

Ontario must bring in wind moratorium now: Walker

OWEN SOUND – Local MPP Bill Walker today repeated his call for an immediate moratorium on new wind power development in Ontario after Health Canada announced it was conducting its own study on the potential health impacts of wind turbine noise.

The new two-year-year study headed by Health Canada and Statistics Canada will be supported by independent experts in areas of noise, clinical medicine and epidemiology as they investigate the symptoms displayed by people living near wind turbines in Canada.

“That the federal government concluded it could not rely on nor trust the provincial findings on wind turbine noise is reason enough to stop any more wind turbines being built anywhere in Ontario right now,” said Walker.

The provincial government has so far denied any health risks associated with the noise and vibrations emitted by wind turbines.

Walker said the impact of turbine noise on health should be of concern to the government given its plans to double wind turbine production in Ontario. On the Bruce Peninsula alone, about 275 turbines are currently being considered for development.

“I continue to hear every day from people in Bruce and Grey and all across Ontario who live close to wind turbines about the health effects they suffer. It’s completely irresponsible of this Liberal government to continue to use rural Ontario as a dumping ground for industrial wind turbines without having completed a proper epidemiological investigation of the full impact on human health,” said Walker.

Since the passing of the wind turbines enabling legislation, the so-called Green Energy Act in 2009, the Ontario PC’s have put six pieces of legislation before the House, calling for a moratorium on wind turbines, all of which were rejected by Liberal and NDP members.

Walker said wind power policies have brewed more bad than good for Ontario.

“It has divided communities, it has increased the cost of power to both homes and business significantly, and has only added a small number of short-term jobs during construction as opposed to the thousands of jobs that were purported to be created,” Walker said.

“Wind legislation is Ontario’s most undemocratic and unsuccessful undertaking. Local municipalities have no ability to veto local wind projects and taxpayers are forced to subsidize it at twice the cost of electricity,” Walker said. “Dalton McGuinty needs to stop wind power development right now.”

Bill Walker, MPP
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

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