M’Cheeging Protests David Suzuki & Industrial Wind Turbines

An LSARC member joined First Nations and non-First Nations people in protesting the M’Cheeging Wind Generating Station and what First Nations on Manitoulin Island see as
David Suzuki’s interference in local affairs.

The site of the protest had a view of one of the M’Cheeging turbines. The previously scenic local hiking trail now has IWT on it.

Our member had to contend with Jutta Spletstosser and Carl Brothers P.Eng of Frontier Power Systems Inc, who said they call him the old man of wind….

A rather intense discussion with Jutta ensued when she said she is from Kincardine and we should be grateful we had such a scientist as Suzuki to tell us how wonderful Wind Energy is and that all is good… needless to say she was disabused of her mistaken impression that the man was in any way qualified in a science that mattered!

Carl Brothers wanted to know why we were protesting green energy while standing beside a kayak that said “BAN GREED ENERGY”… poor fellow was at a disadvantage from the outset.

After he was forced to agree that our member and the Ontario Auditor General had a point about the greed and all that entailed (the ways were enumerated) and he conceded that
minimally impacted watersheds might be a bad place to industrialize, he remembered he had a presentation to deliver so scuttled off, probably regretting he had given LSARC his card.

The protest was well attended considering it was a work day and the occasional spatters of rain.

David Suzuki apparently snuck in riding in the back of a Police car.






About lsarc

LSarc is grassroots protection of Lake Superior through citizen science and volunteerism.  If you are interested in preserving intact ecosystems and restoring biological integrity of the Lake Superior watershed using the scientific method to test hypotheses and research, then you are LSarc LSarc is proud to be a member of the John Muir Trust and the 60th member organization of Wind Concerns Ontario
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