Victoria Day week end Superior information picket

Victoria Day Picket 2012,

LSARC has been out on the scenic lookout on Hwy 17 N at Alona Bay, Lake Superior, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, to good effect in support of the Province-wide Victoria Day week end information picket. The blazing heat was exhausting. LOTS of water and ice for wet kerchief or a real cool-down.

LSARC handed out FITY dollars, the Victoria Day information picket
electricity pamphlet and our letters to Premier McGuinty for tourists to
sign. We have two versions, one for residents of Ontario, one for foreign
travellers. We had a couple from Austria who said they face the same sad
story and they happily signed a letter to McGuinty when told their
contribution is important to illustrate the value of landscape to
international tourism.

Saturday we had a CAW member from southern Ontario stop and inquire about the
BAN GREED ENERGY kayak and the whole wind issue. He was startled to realize
we knew all about the CAW turbine and the conflict over out-dated setbacks.
He now has our sWINDle sheet with research links as well as the other
handouts. We love enquiring minds!

Those who read and sign the letters to McGuilty take more time than just passing out pamphlets.
Then there is always the little job of taking photos of couples together with their camera…point and shoot digital is wonderful but everyone is a star…

Monday there was a couple from Germany only one of whom spoke English though the other was good interpreting facial expressions and maps. They don’t like turbines either and signed the letter, and were rewarded by a bold hummingbird practically sitting on the woman’s shoulder.

The Francophones from Quebec with whom conversation was infinitely easier railed about the destruction of the landscape in that Province.

Nice to know how much people value beauty in rural areas.

About lsarc

LSarc is grassroots protection of Lake Superior through citizen science and volunteerism.  If you are interested in preserving intact ecosystems and restoring biological integrity of the Lake Superior watershed using the scientific method to test hypotheses and research, then you are LSarc LSarc is proud to be a member of the John Muir Trust and the 60th member organization of Wind Concerns Ontario
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