Who’s side is he on anyway?

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario: Green Poverty is Good

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28 February 2012, 9:01 am
by Tom Adams

I debated Gord Miller once on Steve Paikin’s TV show when Miller argued that the fact that our trading partners are taking the Green Energy Act to the WTO proves that the GEA is a success. I was speechless at Miller’s lack of concern for those in Ontario who make their living meeting the needs of clients and consumers elsewhere.

In a new series of essays, pompously addressing what he called “electricity pricing illiteracy”, Miller now says that the Ontario public’s “obsession with low prices” is a problem. Miller’s analytical clarity about prices is on the same level as his conclusion that trade wars are good. Miller’s energy vision for Ontario is to pursue green poverty.

Average Ontario household power rates will be the highest in North America except for PEI and Hawaii by the end of 2013. The pace of rate increases will accelerate in 2014.  Power rates in the U.S. are generally trending down. Low income households and employers with high power requirements are already being harmed by high electricity rates.

There was a time when Ontario’s power rates were lower than the real marginal cost of service. Those days are long gone, but Miller’s awareness hasn’t caught up with the shifting economic fundamentals.

Miller’s propaganda on the economics of electricity in Ontario is riddled with obvious factual errors. Here is an example.

Miller says, “The wind and solar generators are only paid when, respectively, the wind blows and the sun shines and they generate power that is sent into the grid.”

Nonsense. Wind and solar generators with the Feed In Tariff contracts the ECO is trying to defend get paid not for power they deliver to the grid but for deemed production. When the grid can’t receive the output from wind and solar producers, and generation they could have provided but is turned away by the grid operator gets paid in full.

Meanwhile, the ECO stands idly by as the wind power industry carpets sensitive wetlands, migratory bird flyways, shorelines, and bird nesting areas with industrial facilities profoundly disrupting those environments.

Instead of defending sensitive habitats, the ECO’s priority is defending green consumer rip-offs with vapid, inaccurate propaganda.

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